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Apr. 4th, 2010 | 08:39 pm

Whuuut, I post. Why..?
I don't know, 'cause I logged in?
I only have like, eight posts in this thing, that's really weird and lame.

I think I just heard something on the stairs...
Fuck. You know those days, when you're all by yourself, because your mom went to god knows where, your siblings are off, and your dad is doing what ever? Yeah, those days when you're just looking at random shit on the internet and time flies. And all of a sudden, you hear this weird noise coming from somewhere in your house.
Yeah, this day is such a day.

Fuck, I get scared pretty easily, but I always pretend that everythings a-okay.

So this is my rant? Oh, done already?
post of nothing I guess D:

To fangirl, or not to

May. 2nd, 2009 | 09:48 pm
Whereabouts: In meh rabbit hole
tension: bouncy bouncy
Heavenly Tunes: Wish Matrix - ICEMAN

Oh lawd, I hasn't posted in fucking long long long.

And I just noticed that my post are all fucking idiotic. Oh, how I love myself. It's just like my handwriting when I'm writing in my little <strike>pink</strike> note book of my ghei life, in which I couldn't resist to write an unfinished story about an orphaned elf about to be adopted by a hot lonesome, rich, vampire. Oh yeah, potential pedophilic-gheiness. You know you love it, or you wouldn't be reading this crap, lololol.

But yeah, so like, after Code Geass ended crappiest ending EVUR, I haven't watched much anime. Lol, the second season of Junjou Romantica failed HARD, so hard I stopped buying the manga, 'cause I didn't want to read that fail lol.

So yeah, I got into a new fandom. A fandom existing out of hot boys who like to go halfnaked, have manboobs, and are unhealthily skinny, why ofcourse, I'm talking about JE.
Why yes, I am aware that most woman in this fandom are old hags, I AM NOT, so I laugh at them for feeling like pedo's, watching HSJ! It's kinda scary when they call some of those boys sexy...

Now, I will be ending this useless post of fail, and go find something interesting to do, or some shit to download, lolol.

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